Terms and conditions of the store

Terms and conditions of the online store

Terms and conditions of the online store cat.shop.pl

1. The owner of the online store cat.shop.pl is CAT Zuzanna Krzystała, TAX ID: 6472546100, REGON: 241856059, company registered office address: ul. LIPOWA 5, 44-280 Rydułtowy, hereinafter referred to as „the seller”.

2. The buyer may be an adult natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, hereinafter referred to as the „Customer”.

3. The online store cat.shop.pl retail and wholesale via the Internet.

4. All products offered in the cat.shop.pl store are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally introduced to the Polish market.

5. All prices quoted by the Seller are expressed in Polish currency and are gross prices. If you buy products from a cat.shop.pl store abroad, the prices quoted in the shop are expressed in euro.


1. Each order placed in the store shall be confirmed in electronic form. Such confirmation is sent to the customer’s e-mail address immediately after the purchase. This message contains a summary of the order.

2. The sales agreement between the seller and the Customer is concluded at the time of placing the order by the Customer.

3. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day.

Payment methods

1. For the buyer in Poland, the following methods of payment for the order are available: fast and secure online payments PayU.

2. The provider of online payment services is PayU S.A.

3. Online payments include high-speed online transfer, BLIK and payment via credit card.

4. In the event of a need for a refund for the transaction made by the customer with a payment card, the seller made a refund to the bank account assigned to the ordering party’s payment card.

5. The order is processed immediately after the payment has been credited to the operator’s account – PayU S.A.

6. In the case of payment with a payment card, the check-out time shall take place immediately after the funds have been credited.

7. The following payment methods are available for a buyer abroad: PayPal

8. PayPal Inc. is the provider of online payment services for customers abroad. headquartered in the U.S. in The State of California.

Purchase confirmation document

1. After obtaining the payment to the bank account, a VAT invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the buyer when the buyer purchases.

2. If you wish to receive a VAT invoice as a physical document, the customer reports by e-mail to the cat@cat.shop.pl


1. Orders payable by bank transfer or electronic payment system are processed up to 48 hours after the Customer’s payment is credited to the Seller’s account (in the case of card payments from the moment of positive verification of payment) – if the day following the day of placing the order is a working day. If the day following the order placement is a public holiday, it takes place on the first business day, unless the product description provides otherwise. The order fulfillment period does not include the delivery time of InPost or another deliverer or courier.

2. The purchased goods are sent to the Customer’s address indicated in the order form via the company delivering the parcels, InPost o.o. or another courier company in Poland. Foreign shipments will be carried out via Polish Post or in some cases by another courier company.

3. States in the territory of which the supply is carried out:




Czech Republic



















United Kingdom


United States



South africa

New Zealand


Returns and exchanges

1. A customer who is also a consumer who has concluded a distance contract may withdraw from it without giving any reason, making a written declaration within 14 days from the date of service of the contract – the subject of the contract.

2. In order to withdraw from the sales contract, the Customer may use the Contract Withdrawal Form.

3. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered void and the customer is released from any obligations. the goods, if delivered to the Buyer, shall be returned unchanged and intact, unless the change was necessary within the ordinary management. The refund should be made immediately, but no later than within 14 days of the expression of the wish to withdraw from the contract of sale. Please attach a clearly signed and correctly completed declaration of withdrawal to the return shipment referred to in point 2. If the buyer has received a VAT invoice, please attach a copy of it or provide its number so that it can be corrected. It is not possible to cancel an issued VAT invoice, so please do not attach the original invoice to the package.

Carefully packed goods should be sent back to: CAT Zuzanna Krzystała, ul. Lipowa 5, 44-280 Rydułtowy. POLAND

with the note „RETURN ONLINE STORE”

3. In case of non-compliance of the goods with the order (contract), a letter specifying the non-compliance and expectations regarding the method of performance of the obligation (replacement of the goods with the appropriate one), be sent to the address of the store (cat@cat.shop.pl) within 14 days from the date of delivery of the order – the subject of the contract.

4. If the goods are replaced, and the Customer has received a VAT invoice that will require correction due to the exchange, please attach a copy of the VAT invoice or provide its number so that it can be corrected. It is not possible to cancel an issued VAT invoice, so please do not attach the original invoice to the package. The customer will receive a correcting invoice together with the goods.

5. All costs related to the shipment of goods for return or replacement are borne by the Customer.

Warranty and complaints

1. In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, complaints are not subject to mechanical damage or damage resulting from improper use of the product by the customer and natural used.

2. All claims arising from the guarantee are considered in accordance with the currently applicable legal standards.

3. In the case of contracts concluded with customers who are also consumers within the meaning of Of Polish law 221 of the Civil Code, the Seller is responsible for the non-compliance of the goods with the contract if it is found by the Customer within 2 years from the date of Delivery. The customer is obliged to notify the seller about the non-compliance of the goods with the order (contract).

4. The Client has the opportunity to use the assistance of State Institutions such as the Consumer Ombudsman and the Trade Inspectorate in the process of asserting rights under warranty and warranty.

Protection of Personal Data

1. Personal data is collected in accordance with the security requirements set out in the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018 (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1000)

2. The Seller undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018 (Journal of Laws 2018, item 1000) and the Act on the provision of electronic services of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 1204), as amended. The Customer, when placing an order, consents to their processing by the Seller in order to fulfill the order placed. The Customer has the opportunity to view, correct, update and delete his/her personal data at any time.

3. The administrator of personal data is Zuzanna Krzystała (hereinafter the Seller) with its registered office in Rydułtowy 44-280, ul. Lipowa 5. The data will be processed for the purpose of service available on the https://cat.shop.pl. The data subject has the right of access to the content of his data and the right to correct them. The data is provided voluntarily, but without providing it, it is not possible to fulfill orders placed in the store.

Registering in the Store constitutes acceptance of the following clause:

„In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (OJ L 133, 11.12.1998, p. 1). 2002 No. 101, item. 926 as of late. d.) and the Act on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204) I agree to the processing of my data by CAT Zuzanna Krzystała for the purpose of fulfilling orders, as well as to provide me with information about actions promoting the Seller’s activities, as well as commercial information about the products and services of entities cooperating with the Seller, through the electronic address identidentidentity and other electronic tools made available to me.”

Final provisions

1. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to violate the rights of the Client. Nor can it be interpreted in this way, because in case of incompatibility of any part of the Regulations with the applicable law, the Seller declares absolute compliance and application of this right in place of the contested provision of the Regulations.

2. The Seller reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions, for example, in order to bring it into line with the current legal situation. The Seller will inform customers who have an active account in the store by e-mail and announce the change on the main page of the store, 14 days before the changes are made.

3. The current version of the regulations is always available to the Customer in the footer of the store. In the event of a change in the Regulations during the sales process, the version of the Regulations in force on the date of placing the order shall apply.

4. In matters not governed by these Regulations, the relevant applicable legal provisions shall apply. Disputes are dealt with by the court having territorial and substantive jurisdiction over the Seller