JBG-2 DPS seat bar

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Extremely light and durable!

The seat bar is ideal for riders who “slim down” their bike, wanting to achieve the best results.

In response to the challenge posed by modern mountain bikes, the JBG-2 DPS (from dropped seatpost) was created.
Resolved the issue of too high weight of currently available seat seat seatms with remote height adjustment.
Thanks to the seat belt, you gain 6 cm of extra slack under the shorts with the weight of a good non-dropped carbon seat belt.
You increase the freedom of movement over the bike, overcome faster and easier technical fragments.


Technical data:

Weight: 240 grams
Length: 400 mm
difference between driving position and descent: 60 mm
Available diameters: 27.2mm 30.9mm and 31.6mm
Purpose: XC/marathon/AM/Road
Finish color: 3K
Saddle offset: 0 mm

Control with ergonomic manikin compatible with most cockpits.
Reliable locking system for all weather conditions.
Precise components and a proprietary system eliminate “slack” and saddle descents found in hydraulic systems.
Carbon “boat” saddle + titanium screws.
Weight limit : 95 kg.

Manufacturer’s website: www.jbg2dps.com



27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm


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