Horse-riding knee socks LEADER – “Cat’s paw”




Horse-riding knee socks LEADER

Knee pads are part of a charity campaign under the slogan “Cat’s Paw”,this time we will support a sports horse named LEADER! The action is conducted under the auspices of the Stable Sandro-Hero (Jeleśnia, KIEŁBASÓW 41), which became a home and a second chance for a better life for our hero.

The leader began his promising racing career, which was unexpectedly interrupted by illness. It became unnecessary. Closed, neglected almost lost his life. He was taken away during the intervention of OTOZ Animals Jastrzębie-Zdrój and transferred to the Sandro-Hero Stable.

All support is needed, because it costs a lot to provide care and maintain such a large animal. We moved our hero to riding socks along with the symbol of our actions “Cat’s Paw”.

The profit from the sale will be transferred to the LEADER. Don’t wait! Put your “paw” to help.


The knee pads are made of the highest quality raw materials, thanks to which they are very durable and durable.

The material composition provides the right flexibility and a perfect fit to the entire leg.

Composition: polypropylene 58, polyamide 39, elastane 3

Made in Poland.

Additional information


36-38, 39-41, 42-44

How to take care?

Recommended hand wash. Feather in 40 degrees in a gentle liquid.
Do not dry in the dryer, do not iron or whiten.


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